The ECO-TANDEM PROGRAMME  is a Project co-funded by the European Union to boost sustainable tourism development and increase the capacity building of traditional tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge/tech transfer.

The tourism industry is facing new challenges (sustainability concerns, overtourism, COVID-19), which can be adequately tackled by creating synergies between tourism and other related sectors, throughout the value chain as a whole.
In the light of these crises, eco-sustainability is no longer a niche: eco-tourism is real. It’s the present and the future, driving a lot of challenges among the tourism sector: how to innovate and be a true leader in the post-pandemic society. How to meet the eco-sustainability standards and a more sustainable approach to tourism, in particular from traditional tourism SMEs.
Tourism SMEs need to embrace the opportunity that the new challenge of sustainability offers, as a possible driver of innovation and growth. Considering the fact that skills and competences are crucial for the industry, the ECO-TANDEM PROGRAMME project is based on cooperation and knowledge/tech transfer. How? Solving challenging together, according to a tandem approach and methodology.
We are Happy to share with you that KSC Director - David A. Ortegón Martínez  has been appointed as a ECO-TANDEM Programme Ambassador. The EU ECO-TANDEM Ambassador is a professional or an expert who has a strong network in the field of eco-sustainable tourism (or tourism in general) and has a forceful connection with the EU ECO-TANDEM’s target audience: traditional tourism SMEs (hotels and similar accommodation; holiday and other short-stay accommodation; camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks, and trailer parks; travel agency, tour operator reservation services and related activities), innovative startups, or business entities working in the eco-sustainable field.
In the upcoming months we will be publishing more information about this program and our activities. Read more about this Programme at: 
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